Where is my monthly Ookami fix?!

In a nutshell, the reason I haven’t released anything last month, or this month by the way things are going is pretty simple. I HAVE NO RAWS.

Our raw provider as gone AWOL. Until he comes back and sends me some scans, I ain’t got nothin’ to work with. By the looks of things, we probably wont be releasing until September, and that’s if things go well and the raws come back into my life.

So yeah. We haven’t dropped this project. As soon as we have something to work with, we’ll be on it.

Hang tight Ookami fans. I’m waiting for new stuff just as much as you guys.



Ookami-san Chapter 15 Release

Ookami Cute

Hey Ookami readers,

We got chapter 15 ready for you guys, and with it, the conclusion of the Miss Otogi Contest.



Ookami-san Chapter 12 Release

wutHey y’all,

With this release, we bring you Chapter 12 of Ookami-san and the end of volume 2.

There are some great expressions from the characters in this chapter. It made cleaning it a lot more entertaining XD

This manga is also complete in Japan. It’s got 4 volumes in total, and Kai+ has them all, so there’s only 2 more volumes to go until we’re done! Whether this manga will overtake the anime, I have no idea. I doubt it if there’s only 2 volumes left, which does suck because the anime didn’t really have much of a conclusion I felt, but I may be wrong. I dunno I haven’t seen the raws yet.

Enjoy the new chapter~


Ookami-san Chapter 9 Release

Hey guys,

We managed to make the gap between releases a little smaller this time XD

But, more people have gone MIA so this could have taken even longer to release. I decided to take it into my own hands and get this chapter ready for you guys with some help from anatakado (FTH) on the QC side of things.

Consider applying if you can. We could really use some extra hands to help out.

Enjoy chapter 9


Ookami-san Chapter 8 Release

Oh hai guys, it’s been a while eh?

We’ve had a bit of a hiatus with people in the group having to deal with RL, but not to fear. I’m hoping we can keep up a steady pace with Ookami now, especially since we’ve got some extra help from my boys at FTH.

So a big thanks to Kai+ and Caboov for helping us get this chapter ready for you.

So apologies for the wait, and enjoy chapter 8



Ookami-san Chapter 7 Release

Salutations! We bring you Chapter 7 of Ookami-san today through the efforts of tantou [FTH], tacticsSavader, and yours truly. Apologies for the late release again, but I hope you enjoy the new chapter.

YAY! HQ Chapters finally!

As always, don’t forget to support the mangaka by purchasing the manga when it becomes available in your region and deleting these scanlations. Help out For the Halibut by visiting their site full of busty babes!

Without further ado,

Chapter 7 HQ

Love, Hwa