Ookami-san Chapter 12 Release

wutHey y’all,

With this release, we bring you Chapter 12 of Ookami-san and the end of volume 2.

There are some great expressions from the characters in this chapter. It made cleaning it a lot more entertaining XD

This manga is also complete in Japan. It’s got 4 volumes in total, and Kai+ has them all, so there’s only 2 more volumes to go until we’re done! Whether this manga will overtake the anime, I have no idea. I doubt it if there’s only 2 volumes left, which does suck because the anime didn’t really have much of a conclusion I felt, but I may be wrong. I dunno I haven’t seen the raws yet.

Enjoy the new chapter~



5 thoughts on “Ookami-san Chapter 12 Release

  1. Thanks again for the release. Too bad it’ll end at 4 volumes. I doubt it’ll get that far as well since they are still introducing the main characters at this point.

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