Where is my monthly Ookami fix?!

In a nutshell, the reason I haven’t released anything last month, or this month by the way things are going is pretty simple. I HAVE NO RAWS.

Our raw provider as gone AWOL. Until he comes back and sends me some scans, I ain’t got nothin’ to work with. By the looks of things, we probably wont be releasing until September, and that’s if things go well and the raws come back into my life.

So yeah. We haven’t dropped this project. As soon as we have something to work with, we’ll be on it.

Hang tight Ookami fans. I’m waiting for new stuff just as much as you guys.



5 thoughts on “Where is my monthly Ookami fix?!

  1. Not a problem whatsoever. Still happy you guys are doing Ookami-san at all, as it probably wouldn’t get done otherwise. Keep up the good work.

  2. Sorry to have to make the announcement this way, but I can’t log into the website anymore, so I can’t make a post for it.
    Saviour Scans is disbanding. Releases for Ookami will no longer be posted on here. Instead, they will be released under FTH only. So no worries people, Ookami is still being worked on. Until we get a translator that is. We have the raws now, but no one to translate them. If you’re interested, please apply at FTH!

    Thanks for all the support guys.

    • Ah, that’s a shame, but kind of figured after so long. Thanks for the work thus far, though! Guess I’ll check FTH once in a while instead. Unfortunately I can’t translate for shit. 😦

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